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Vincenzo Turiano

klassiek ballet en choreografie
Klassiek ballet en choreografie

Vincenzo is afgestudeerd aan Teatro Alla Scala, Milaan. Hij studeerde klassiek ballet en contemporary ballet.

Hij was als danser verbonden aan Compañia Nacional de Danza in Madrid en is op dit moment werkzaam als danser bij Introdans​. Bij De Vloer geeft hij de les klassiek ballet voor gevorderde amateurs op woensdag avond en maakt hij een choreografie voor de TOPklas jongeren. Zijn les wordt gegeven in het Engels.


'During my years of work experience and educational training I developed a personal approach to BalletClass and technique. I am aware of the important and elevated knowledge required of the classical technique, and in observing and analyzing myself, my colleagues and other dancers with classical form, I have always found that the discipline required is so precise that it is very common to get blocked, stiff and tight with the result that many good ballet dancers do not end up able to dance contemporary as well. So my main goal is teach that it is possible to flow and move in classical ballet and you can achieve strength, stability and permit a self development of many different qualities whilstfind your own personal style of movement.


Contemporary Ballet Technique is based on classical fundamental notions and lines with a contemporary and dynamic approach removing the borders that traditionally exist between classical and contemporary dance styles and redefining them as the culmination of both. Simply movement in time and space. A broader prospective of dance. A journey towards opening peoples minds in search of a greater art.'